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Photo of Captain Leo Rassieur added to online museum

November 2, 2022
A newly acquired photograph of Captain Leo Rassieur, captain of Company K, 30th Missouri Infantry Volunteers has been posted to our online museum. CLICK HERE to view the photo and our other artifacts

MIB will not be attending the Battle of Athens

August 1, 2022
It has been decided that, due to lack of interest and the projected heat index, we are withdrawing from the Battle of Athens, MO -- MIB IS NOT ATTENDING

Tentative MIB Schedule for 2022 Released

February 1, 2022
A tentative schedule for the 2022 schedule has been released.

March 25-27 Liberty Mo. Belvoir Winery (Spring Muster)
April 1st-3rd Shiloh TN MIB Max Effort
April 22nd-24th Wichita KS. Cowtown MIB Max Effort
April 27-28 Olathe School of the Deaf
May 20th-22nd Carthage, MO MCWRA Event MRB Max Effort--MIB Max Effort
June 10th-12th Pea Ridge, AR MIB Max Effort
July 15th-17th Council Grove, KS "Santa Fe Days" (Tabled for discussion)
August 5th-7th Battle of Athens, MO MCWRA Event (Tabled for discussion)
September 9th-11th Mauston, WI "Chancelorsville" MIB Max Effort
September 16th-18th Corydon, IA "Thunder in the Woods"
October 1st -2nd Harrisonville, MO "Burnt District Festival"
December 2nd-4th Prairie Grove, AR MRB Max Effort-- MIB Max Effort

MIB Election Results are in

January 23, 2022
The election results are in, and I would like to be the first to congratulate the new officers of the Missouri Irish Brigade.

Captain: Doug Dahman
2nd Lieutenant: Paul "Checkmate" Mallory
1st Sgt: Jason Huff
2nd Sgt: Patrick Clark
Corporal: Claire, "McClare" Sager
Corporal: Brian Sans

And the new Board of Director shall consist of:
President: Doug Dahman
Treasurer: Paul "Checkmate" Mallory
Secretary: Jason Huff
Veteran at Large: Mike "Cotton Pants" Sager
Civilian at Large, Noelle "T-Rex" Peavy

Additionally, the MIB will be sending its votes for the Muddy River Battalion for its own Captain Mike "Cotton Pants" Sager.

Thank you for everyone who participated in the election, either at gatherings, through PMs, or on the FB ballot

1860s Dance Party at Mahaffie Farmstead

January 20, 2022
The Winter Furlough is upon us. For those who are already itching for a Saturday night Ceili, may I suggest, Saturday, January 29th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM there is a Period Dance going on at Mahaffie Farmstead.
I will be doing the calling, and there will be a bar. Tickets to the event get you two drink tickets! Period attired is encouraged

Cpt. Sager

Nominations now open for Elected Positions

January 1, 2022
Nominations are now open for elected positions in the Missouri Irish Brigade, Please send them to me in a PM.
Nominations are accepted for

1st Sgt
President of the BOD
Treasurer of the BOD
Secretary of the BOD
Member at large of the BOD
Civilian at large of the BOD

In order to be elected to a field officer position, you must have attended at least 51% of the previous years events, and intend to attend at least 51% of next years events.
In order to fill any position you must be a Veteran in Good Standing.

MIB Annual Membership is due

December 23, 2021
I have just sent out annual membership invoices. If you did not receive, please send me your email, so I can send you a paypal invoice
Capt Sager

Cowtown is On!

March 14, 2021
At the time of writing, the Cow Town event in Wichita, KS is still scheduled for April 23 -25. Check out the MIB Cowtown Facebook page for more information

Call to Arms Schedule Status

April 22, 2021
It looks like we will have four events this year. Cow Town, this weekend, 200th commemoration of the Santa Fe trail July, 16-18, Pilot knob in September, 24-26, Stones River in October, 22, - 24 everything else on my radar has been canceled. I am waiting for a couple of confirmation letters, but look for official event sign ups next week.
We may pick up some more stuff as the year goes on. Thunder in the Woods gave us a two week notice last year, and not much more the time before that. There are still a few things that might go off.
Other things on the Calendar may need more driving, so we can look forward to that

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