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Welcome to the Missouri Irish Brigade of Civil War Reenactors, On-Line Museum and Archives Collection. Here you will find a collection of various items containing to the Original 7th Missouri and 30th Missouri Regiments. The items displayed, have been collected over the years, and displayed in an effort, to share our findings on the original regiments that made up the Missouri Irish Brigade. We hope, that our visitors will enjoy this virtual museum, and appreciate a collection assembled in one place. Our little Museum is at the moment, in its earliest of stages, and we will have to add to it over time. We are also of the high hopes that addtional items will be submitted by those who might be descendants or who might happen to have original 7th Missouri or 30th Missouri items. But otherwise, Please be patient with our undertaking, as it comes along, and we Thank You for visiting our Museum.

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Belton W. Sargent. Surgeon of the 30th Missouri Infantry

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Pvt. Alfred Alphonse Bailey, Co. E - 30th Missouri Vols. Killed in Action June 9, 1863 by a cannonball to the stomach at Vicksburg MS

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Article from the St. Louis Dispatch dated August 17, 1890 on Capt. Leo Rassieur of the 30th Missouri Infantry

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Capt. Leo Rassieur, 30th Missouri Infantry

Leo Rassieur was born April 19, 1844 at Wadern, Prussia (Germany) the son of Theodore and Margaret Rassieur. Leo came to St. Louis, MO with his father in 1851, was educated in the public schools, graduating from the St. Louis High School in 1860.

Shortly after graduating high school he became a member of the 30 th Missouri Infantry. Rassieur participated in several battles across the south—Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, and Spanish Fort. After the war, Rassieur returned to St. Louis and became a judge. He kept ties with his military past, becoming deeply involved with Union veterans’ groups by holding positions in both the Missouri Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States and the Grand Army of the Republic.

He was married on July 9, 1872 to Mary C. Kammerer of Wheeling WV. They gave birth to daughter Estelle Rassieur Kelsey. Leo Rassieur died June 1, 1929 St. Louis, MO

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Patrick Sarsfield O'Reilly - Assistant Surgeon - 7th Missouri

Picture submitted by and permission to use by Sharon Caldwell Schoepe, Patrick Sarsfield O'Reilly's great great great niece.

Dr. O'Reilly received his first instruction under the paternal roof, his teacher being a Presbyterian minister, Rev. Mr. King by name.......

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Obituary for Corporal. Michael N. Enright of Co. F., 7th Missouri Infantry. Cpl Enright enlisted as a Private in Company F of ther 7th Missouri Infantry out of St. Louis Missouri in June of 1861. He was promoted to Corporal in October 1862 and served his 3 years without any type of wounds or incident. According to the Service Card he did not re-enlist as a Veteran Volunteer and so he was mustered out in June of 1864. He died in Akron, OH April 1904

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A series of newspaper clippings from the Daily Missouri Republican that reference the 30th Missouri Infantry as the Shamrock Regiment

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1864 Newspaper clipping describing 7th Missouri Infantry – Members of the Seventh Missouri Regiment who had re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteers in 1864. They arrive back at St. Louis to begin the promised furlough upon Re-enlisting as Veteran Volunteers – A new Veteran Volunteers Flag is presented to them.

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Sword presented to Captain Robert Buchanan of the 7th Missouri by the men of his company after the battle of Vicksberg. The inscription on the side of the sword reads "Presented to Capt. Robert Buchanan for Valor and courage before the enemy. From the 7th Missouri Volunteers".
Robert Buchanan was a Captain for most of the war. But when the 7th Missouri became Veteran Volunteers, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He was in command of the Missouri Irish Brigade and Battalion and carried this sword while serving as a part of the original MIB.

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Capt Joshua Bourne Company K, 7th MO Missouri Infantry.

Picture submitted by and permission to use by Mr. Archie Keyser, Great Great Grandson of Capt Joshua Bourne

Capt Bourne was enlisted June 11, 1862 in Rolla MO. He was promoted from 1st Lieutenant Company K to Captain Aug 4, 1863 for gallant conduct in engagement before Vicksburg and was mustered out June 10, 1864, St Louis MO

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Private Patrick Sarsfield Real - CO. E - 7th Missouri

Picture submitted by and permission to use by Mr. Chuck Real, Great Great Nephew of Private Patrick Real

Patrick Real enlisted into the 7th Missouri on June 1, 1861 in St. Louis Missouri. he served with the regiment just over a year, and the muster rolls list him as having deserted While the regiment was at Pittsurg Landing Tennessee on July 18, 1862.

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Original 7th Missouri Infantry at the town courthouse, Lexington Missouri in early May of 1862, being presented their U.S. National Colors by the citizens of Lexington.

Photo by courtesy of John Maki and the Lexington Battlefield Park, used with permission)

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Original Recruiting Ad that was ran in May 17, 1861 edition of the "Missouri Democrat" out of St. Louis MO

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Lieut. Colonel Egbert Benson Brown. The original Lieut. Colonel of the 7th Missouri Infantry.

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Colonel John D. Stevenson, 7th Missouri Infantry

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Colonel Bernard G. Farrar, 30th Missouri Infantry

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Pvt. James Jefferson McCaw, Co. "G" 7th Missouri Infantry

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Pvt. Rosswell Coe, Co. "I" 7th Missouri Infantry
Killed at Raymond (May 1863)

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