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An Introduction

The Missouri Irish Brigade of Civil War Re-enactors, is a living history organization, of interested people, that have come together, to form an authentic, though scaled down, Civil War Infantry Company. Although our organizations club name is the "Missouri Irish Brigade", our actual military portrayal and historical designation is that of the "Consolidated Battalion, 7th and 30th Missouri Volunteers". At most events, however, we are known as the "Consolidated Company". Despite the Irish in our designation, our principle impression is that of a typical Union Infantry unit, and we pride ourselves in being "Westerners".

Our Namesake & Our Portrayal Based Upon

Historically the original organization, served in 1864 after the war had largely, shifted eastward. Both the 7th Missouri and 30th Missouri Regiments were assigned together into a small demi-brigade, and quickly picked up the nickname of "Missouri Irish Brigade". They largely performed guard and occupation duties in the Confederate Trans-Mississippi region, and saw some action in northern Louisiana. Their stint as an actual brigade, however, was not very long. They were soon absorbed into a larger Brigade. It was then decided to consolidate the two Missouri units into a single Missouri Irish Battalion, and they were officially designated "Consolidated Battalion" 7th and 30th Missouri Volunteers. As a Re-enactment unit, we chose this brief period in the 7th and 30th Missouri's history, for our principal re-enactment designation. However, we also sometimes portray other various historical designations for specific events and impressions.

Living History & the 19th Century Army Experience

As Civil War Re-enactors, the Missouri Irish Brigade, attempts to recreate the life and times of the common western theater soldier, and the 19th century, company level organization that they would have been a part of. We strive to be as authentic as we can, and through events, we become part of the past and experience 1860's Army life. We reenact a military unit, and by doing such, we feel that, our members should have a bona fide, 19th Century army experience. It's the mundane things that we do at events, such as Roll Call, Drill, Guard Duty, and even saluting, which all help bring to life this experience. We have to act as if were real soldiers in order to build a believable army impression. Not only for our own members, but also for those of the public, who view us. This can often times be difficult to accomplish, unless every man does his part.

Membership, Home Region & Activities

The Missouri Irish Brigade, was organized in the fall of 1995, and since that time, has seen action at many events. The unit is predominately a Northwest Missouri organization, but our membership spans Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Members are, for the most part, from in and around the St. Joseph and Kansas City area, which largely serves as our home region. Several times a year, we take to the field and serve at various local, regional, or national Civil War Reenactment events. We are active in both battle re-enactments, and battle encampments, and also participate in Living History events. Our members, come from all walks of life, but share a common interest in history, and the American Civil War. They come together and not only recreate an authentic 19th Century Infantry Company, but who also, teach and share the knowledge and research that they have learned, while being living historians.

Current Organization

Currently, the company has right around 40 members, and can field on average, a solid 18 to 20 rifle, (stand alone) company, depending on the event. As an organization, the Missouri Irish Brigade is structured around 19th Century military regulations, and not a "Club" format. Due to the nature of our wide spread membership, we have to largely conduct much of our unit business at events, scheduled drills, or through our newsletter the "An Bealac". But we have been trying monthly meetings over the past year to see how that goes. Never the less, all activities are decided by majority Vote. A big part of Re-enacting is to have fun. This is a hobby and it should, in our opinion, not be stressful. By that, we mean, everything is kept in a proper Re-enacting context. There should also not be a lot of internal strife. We are all pards, sharing in a common interest.

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